Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bloody amazing

We arrived in Pakistan Monday evening 09/03/09 from Abu Dhabi, UAE and are staying with my wife's family just outside of Lahore. Next evening, around 6.20 we decided to wander about the society. Some strange noises, loud short lived screeching sounds followed by loud thuds alerted us from the sky. It was almost aas if they were calling down to us and wanted to be noticed. not very inconspicuous at all, if they were drones as my in-laws thought. We noticed other people staring up at the sky as well. Bloody unbelievable. I just wished I had my handicam on me as the phone doesn't quite capture the grandeur of what we looking at. You had to see it to believe it. These things must have been at least 2miles up in the sky and wmassive objects, I'm talking the Chelsea football field across. Totally blown away. Amazing stuff. Funny thing is, nothing about it on the news and I'm talking a good 100 or so people were in the street staring up at these things. They were hanging about for a good 15 minutes before they disappeared in a single flash. If you don't believe in ET now, then what will it take for you to know we are not here alone in this universe? As scary as it was, it didn't feel threatening, just like we are the monkieys in the zoo, and not them.

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