Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I thought the Indians or Americans were here and went outside with my wife and brother. The banging was moving the trees we noticed, and shaking the house. We don't know which direction it came from, it was just all around us everywhere and when the sound reached us, we felt its vibrations go right through our bodies. There was some kind of message it was trying to give. It's crazy but I saw three UFOs in the sky and they seemed to be looking straight at us. They were so close for a second, darting down to us then away again within a blink of an eye. My wife fainted and brother in law is still fretting. They left in a flash. I called the police and army and within an hour - amazing by local standards - two authoritative men came to our house and kindly explained there was a 12 cannon salute and to not ask any more questions or speak to anyone about this, that if we saw something it would have belonged to the Air Force. We agreed to agree. But if the Pakistani Air Force has something that I saw this morning in its control, I have no choice but to think our government is collaborating with alien forces.


  1. sounds interesting. i may use this idea with your permission for an x-files fanfiction story

  2. sure, go ahead, btw, there have been many interesting sightings since this in Pakistan. A hell of a lot of people have been viewing these strange pohenomena but never is antyhing reported in media for this scenes. maybe cover up, am not sure but power of people will make all realise that these things are real, i see so many times already but nothing is recognised, we are just told to be quiet and not be foolish, is there such a thing as mass hallucinations or mind wiping by MTB?