Wednesday, March 11, 2009

big space alien ship lahore very big

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my cellular phone take yesterday

bloody amazing

We arrived in Pakistan Monday evening 09/03/09 from Abu Dhabi, UAE and are staying with my wife's family just outside of Lahore. Next evening, around 6.20 we decided to wander about the society. Some strange noises, loud short lived screeching sounds followed by loud thuds alerted us from the sky. It was almost aas if they were calling down to us and wanted to be noticed. not very inconspicuous at all, if they were drones as my in-laws thought. We noticed other people staring up at the sky as well. Bloody unbelievable. I just wished I had my handicam on me as the phone doesn't quite capture the grandeur of what we looking at. You had to see it to believe it. These things must have been at least 2miles up in the sky and wmassive objects, I'm talking the Chelsea football field across. Totally blown away. Amazing stuff. Funny thing is, nothing about it on the news and I'm talking a good 100 or so people were in the street staring up at these things. They were hanging about for a good 15 minutes before they disappeared in a single flash. If you don't believe in ET now, then what will it take for you to know we are not here alone in this universe? As scary as it was, it didn't feel threatening, just like we are the monkieys in the zoo, and not them.


This video we made to Islamabad yesterday night, I doesn't belive but now i belive we human are no an only people in universe. They making loud noise you can not to here from noise over car. Im not to belive everywhere, i can not to sleep all night and today but no one listen to me, just me and friens belive./ Its not army, not india and american because they left to outter of space when they go.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I thought the Indians or Americans were here and went outside with my wife and brother. The banging was moving the trees we noticed, and shaking the house. We don't know which direction it came from, it was just all around us everywhere and when the sound reached us, we felt its vibrations go right through our bodies. There was some kind of message it was trying to give. It's crazy but I saw three UFOs in the sky and they seemed to be looking straight at us. They were so close for a second, darting down to us then away again within a blink of an eye. My wife fainted and brother in law is still fretting. They left in a flash. I called the police and army and within an hour - amazing by local standards - two authoritative men came to our house and kindly explained there was a 12 cannon salute and to not ask any more questions or speak to anyone about this, that if we saw something it would have belonged to the Air Force. We agreed to agree. But if the Pakistani Air Force has something that I saw this morning in its control, I have no choice but to think our government is collaborating with alien forces.

Another Unidentified Flying Object lands in D.G. Khan

By Tariq Birmani

DERA GHAZI KHAN, Mar 10: An unidentified flying object (UFO) which came from the west side landed in the tribal area of Dera Ghazi Khan on Sunday night, reports reaching here said.

The UFO which was seen flying over Fort Munro and Rakhi Gaaj towns of the tribal area hit the ground between Baghalchor and Rounghin, some 80km from here, at 5.30am.

Sources in the Border Military Police (BMP) quoted tribesmen living in Rounghin area as saying the unidentified flying object had come from the West, Balochistan.

"It was nose-diving and after a few moments the sky was lit up," the tribesmen said. Sources ruled out the possibility of casualties because the area where the UFO probably landed was deserted.

Uranium-rich Baghalchor is out of bound area whereas Rounghin has a scattered and thin population.

Sources in the office of the tribal area political assistant confirmed receiving the report and said a team had been sent to the area to ascertain the facts.

It was the second UFO which landed in the tribal area of southern Punjab in the last two weeks and covered over as space debris.

Earlier, an object which was also seen flying over several towns of Balochistan in unusual and unbelievable flying dimensions, appearing and reappearing in a different area then had landed near a PAF air base in the tribal area of Rajanpur district on Mar 2.

Its wreckage was removed by members of sensitive agencies a few days ago. The divisional administration is tight-lipped over the issue and believed it to be of alien or non-human origon.



A major UFO incident rocked the Southwest Asian nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan on Tuesday morning, March 10th, 2009.

The fleet of UFOs was first seen at 5:15 a.m. in Kandahar, a city in Afghanistan located 200 kilometers (120 miles) southwest of Kabul, the national capital.

"Eyewitnesses in Kandahar told Afghan Islamic Press that objects looking like missiles, like 'flames of fire,' moved through the air around 8 a.m. in the evening and fell" across the border in neighboring Pakistan.

"'We did not know what they were,' the eyewitnesses said."

"People have also observed these things in the border areas of Pakistan, , Shahrkotal, and in Spin Dolbak in Kandahar province."

The UFOs were "also seen in Samangan province and Urozgan province" in Afghanistan.

"In Afghanistan, the Taliban (ruling Islamic party--J.T.) wondered whether the USA had come out with another cruise missile attack on Osama bin-Laden's hideouts. Frantic calls, mostly by radio and satellite, were made to Khost, Jallalabad and Kabul. By midnight, the Taliban knew and were relieved that this wasn't the case."

"Taliban official Mulla Ahmadullah Ahmadi in Kandahar said, 'Some people saw the star-like objects here at 8:15 a.m. They said they made no noise like the cruise missiles and were brightly lit. Also, they said the objects were flying towards Pakistan. Then it became obvious that this was no fresh (new) U.S. cruise missile attack on Afghanistan.'"

"The mystery objects, according to reports, have also been sighted in Afghanistan's Zahul province neighboring Kandahar. It is probable that they were seen elsewhere in Afghanistan, as well, but poor means of communication ensures that it will be weeks before such information reaches the media."

The UFOs crossed the border into Pakistan at about 8:20 a.m., heading southwest towards the city of Quetta, in Pakistan's Baluchistan province located about 200 kilometers (120 miles) southeast of Kandahar.

"Official sources in Quetta said Baluchistan's high- ranking government functionaries spent Monday night and the whole of Tuesday morning, 10th 2009, "discussing the sighting and searching for the elusive objects."

"An aerial reconnaissance was also carried out in Loralal, Barkhan and Kohlu, the places where the flying objects were sighted by many people and also where some of them reportedly fell. A (Pakistani Air Force) helicopter was sent to carry out this task but it returned empty handed."

In addition to the civilian eyewitnesses, the UFOs "were also sighted by Colonel Asmatullah," chief of military security for the governor of Baluchistan, "who saw them sailing over Koh-i-Murdar mountain which overlooks Quetta."

"Baluchistan Home Secretary Shahryar Khan Mahsud said he is using every means to unlock the mystery of the flying lights."

Mahsud said, "We would have dismissed them as gossip if a few people had seen them at just a few places. But we are being told of sightings at several places in northern and central Baluchistan. They were reportedly seen at Chaghi, Quetta, Pishin, Qiila Abdullah, Loralal, Barkhan, Kohlu and Qiila Saifullah."


10th March, 2009. Cantt, LAHORE.

Aalaam, Between 5.40 -6am this morning I was awoken by some loud banging, almost like firing. Being from Lahore did not think much of it, especially living so close to the army grounds; but this is excessive and unusually loud and with intervals of around 5 seconds between each bang. The walls and windows of the house vibrated strongly and when I looked outside to see what it was, could see nothing but could definitely hear
and feel something strong. it became so strong that my neighbours even came out from there homes to see what the ruckus was all about. All of a sudden there was a sharper sound, like some kind of sonic boom. the distant asan was growing louder then for some reason I looked up and saw them. Three very distinct unusual objects in the sky, maybe 1000meters up, but very clear. The noise was coming from them. i though for a second it was the airforce testing soemthing, but at this hour and through the asan, no way. they also didn't move from their position. I ran upstairs and grabbed my camer a and snapped these pics. s till can't make out what it is but it definitnely was nothing I've seen before. Within a seond of snapping the pics, they literally disappeared in front of my eyes and the banging noise ceased. What the hell si this? I don;t believe in aliens but this has just woken me up to probably something i would never have believed had i not seen it with my own eyes.