Tuesday, March 10, 2009


10th March, 2009. Cantt, LAHORE.

Aalaam, Between 5.40 -6am this morning I was awoken by some loud banging, almost like firing. Being from Lahore did not think much of it, especially living so close to the army grounds; but this is excessive and unusually loud and with intervals of around 5 seconds between each bang. The walls and windows of the house vibrated strongly and when I looked outside to see what it was, could see nothing but could definitely hear
and feel something strong. it became so strong that my neighbours even came out from there homes to see what the ruckus was all about. All of a sudden there was a sharper sound, like some kind of sonic boom. the distant asan was growing louder then for some reason I looked up and saw them. Three very distinct unusual objects in the sky, maybe 1000meters up, but very clear. The noise was coming from them. i though for a second it was the airforce testing soemthing, but at this hour and through the asan, no way. they also didn't move from their position. I ran upstairs and grabbed my camer a and snapped these pics. s till can't make out what it is but it definitnely was nothing I've seen before. Within a seond of snapping the pics, they literally disappeared in front of my eyes and the banging noise ceased. What the hell si this? I don;t believe in aliens but this has just woken me up to probably something i would never have believed had i not seen it with my own eyes.

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